Fact or Fiction

Customer Experience – Fact or Fiction?

Over the last few years, many experienced business people all over the world have been working hard to create, nurture and develop a brand new profession. Whilst organisations have always delivered experiences, it is only now that most are starting to recognise the importance of them. However…there is usually one of those…there are still A […]

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Why 2016 should NOT be ‘the year of the customer’

As fireworks lit up the night sky all around the world to welcome in another new year, millions of people were already deciding to commit to resolutions for the coming twelve months. Some resolutions were related to personal health and well-being. Some were financially related. Almost all of them will signify goals or challenges that must […]

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CX Lessons from Independent Businesses

Personal; Reliable; Trusting – Customer Experience Lessons from Independent Businesses

When it comes to delivering consistently good Customer Experiences, it appears as though bigger is definitely not necessarily better! Over the last decade, independent businesses have increasingly struggled to battle against the ever-growing tide of the corporate world. With more money, resources and power, there are not many countries on the planet who have seen […]

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